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Judge Gigliotti’s application for the appointment of Superior Court Judge included a bar poll. The poll was sent to the 88 members of the Grant County Bar Association June 18th, 2021 and the results were submitted with her application for the Superior Court seat. Judge Gigliotti was the highest rated applicant in the field of 8 with a combined rating of 3.13 and 51.3% of her peers rating her “Exceptionally Well Qualified”. Judge Gigliotti was the highest rated applicant and appointed as Grant County Superior Court Judge October 29, 2021.

June Bar Poll

Mellissa Chlarson applied for the Superior Court Judge position when Judge John Antosz announced his retirement March of 2021. The Grant County Bar Association conducted a bar poll on April 5th 2021 with her peers rating Chlarson 2nd from last in the field of 5 applicants with 26.84% rating her “Not Qualified”. Tyson Hill was the top rated applicant and appointed to the bench April 23, 2021.

April Bar Poll

Anna Gigliotti is also endorsed by the Grant County Deputies Association.