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Why does the government protect renters who refuse to pay just because they think all renters can’t pay at the moment?

Some renters refuse to because they know they are safe during this period in humanity when instead of being selfish, we all should be coming together. 

Why is there so much help for renters but very little for landlords? 

My husband and I are currently supporting two homes with our disability. It’s not like our renters don’t work, they do. They just refuse to pay because we asked them to find a place to live but they waited til last minute and we had to give them an eviction notice. Now why is it our fault that they waited to move only to use the excuse that she was due. 

Not to be insensitive but I have already bought them $1200 in groceries to help. We have given them half off rent at times when they struggled. I even entrusted her with my pink wedding dress when she claimed she was going to use it. Now I’m out all of that and I need help. 

We are struggling. When do we get help?