suspect sitting on curb with police standing by 

Photo: Coby Towers 

WENATCHEE - East Wenatchee police were quite active on Monday during their pursuit of two suspects they believe were involved in the shooting of a young adult male in Wenatchee Monday afternoon.

Wenatchee police say the young man was transported to the hospital after he was found with a gunshot wound in the 800 block of Methow Street in Wenatchee just after 3 p.m.

A short time later, East Wenatchee police Chief Rick Johnson says his officers began pursuing a vehicle they believe was involved in the shooting. Johnson says the chase spanned along Baker Avenue just north of the Olive Garden on 9th Street and lasted until to 27th Street where the suspects turned off of Baker into a cul de sac on Westview Drive. After the crash, the suspects fled on foot.

Johnson says one of the suspects ran downhill into the Columbia River. They were eventually pulled from the river by police and arrested.

The other suspect went into a home through an unlocked door and they stole a bicycle to flee on. Witnesses say the suspect managed to put on a bike helmet as they fled. The suspect's bike ride only lasted one block before being intercepted by police. The suspect was tased at one point during their arrest.

Johnson says there was a 30-min time difference between both arrests.

iFIBER ONE News will have more information as it becomes available.